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P-141, Change 3
April 1997
National Institute of Building Sciences
Philadelphia, PA 19111-5098
1201 L Street, NW, Suite 400
Faxed requests must include credit card number
Washington, DC 20005
and should be sent to the following number:
Telephone: (202) 289-7800
FAX: (215) 697-2978
FAX: (202) 289-1092
E-mail: ccb@nibs.org
For inquiries or questions related to ordering
Website: www.ccb.org
standardization documents, call the DODSSP
Contact NIBS for current subscription cost and
Special Assistance Desk at one of the numbers
delivery information and for user PC hardware
previously listed.
and software required to run the CCB.
Design  Manuals,  P-
MENTS: DOD specifications and standards of
Publications,  and  other  non-standardized
the types listed below (called "standardization
documents may be purchased by check/money
order/credit card or by deposit account from:
documents") are available from the Department
of Defense Single Stock Point (DODSSP) at
DAPS Philadelphia:
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Military Handbooks
Springfield, VA 22161
Military/Federal Specifications
ATTN: Defense Publications
Military/Federal Standards
Qualified Products Lists
Phone: (703) 487-4684
Commercial Item Descriptions
Toll Free: 1 (800) 553-6847
FAX: (703) 321-8547
Call the DODSSP Special Assistance Desk at
E-mail: orders@NTIS.fedworld.gov
(215) 697-2667/2719 to determine cost per
Website: www.ntis.gov
document page, page counts for the documents
you want, and information regarding requests for
Cost varies with document size, and response
multiple copies of documents.
time is advertised nominally as 3-5 days if the
document is "on-hand" at NTIS or 4-6 weeks if
Order documents by mail or by fax using either a
the document has to be ordered.
letter request or the order form available from
information can be determined for a specific
the DODSSP website (www.dodssp.daps.mil).
document by calling one of the telephone
Mailed requests must include check or credit
numbers previously given.
card number and should be sent to the following
Building 4/Section D
700 Robbins Avenue


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