Quantcast Construction Site Visits

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P-141, Change 3
April 1997
contract modification has been issued and shall
photocopies not acceptable) in the form of a
end after completion of the pre-final inspection.
written report to the ROICC, the CAM, the PM,
The purpose of the visits is to confirm by
and the Claimant/User.
observation that the construction is being
3. If "Quarterly Site Visits" are required by the
executed in compliance with the contract
drawings and specifications.
SOW, the A/E shall conduct a visit each quarter,
after the commencement of construction, for an
2. Accordingly,  at  designated  stages  of
overall assessment of construction progress and
construction, the ROICC shall request site visits
status. Within 10 days of completion of each
by the A/E, who shall send appropriate discipline
visit, the A/E shall provide a written quarterly
expertise for on-site review of the construction
report to the ROICC, the CAM, the PM, and the
work. The A/E shall review construction status
Claimant/User which documents the status of
with the ROICC at the conclusion of each visit
construction (including photographs), the status
and prior to departure. The A/E shall document
of submittal reviews by the A/E, and unresolved
the construction features reviewed during each
design and construction issues, including RFIs.
site visit and the compliance or lack of
4. If "Partnering Sessions" are required by the
compliance of each feature with the contract
requirements. Also, camera-dated photographs
SOW, the A/E shall participate in such Sessions
shall be taken during each site visit to document
when requested by the ROICC.  An initial
construction progress. Within 10 days of the
session shall be conducted, with follow-up
completion of each visit, the A/E shall submit
sessions during the project life as required.
this documentation (include original photographs


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