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P-141, Change 2
May 1996
1. The DD 1391 Plus Submission, when
PLUS. The Primary Facility includes all
construction items inside the five-foot line.
required, shall be prepared utilizing the
The five-foot line is an imaginary line
DD 1391 Plus format. Since no design has
around the footprint of the building and all
been developed, careful attention should
work within this area is considered as
be exercised to insure that all major scope
building cost. An exception is that special
requirements are properly considered and
evaluated. The DD1391 Plus cost will be
foundations), unique to the building
based on the latest DOD Guidance Costs
because of the location, are to be included
and Area Cost Factors. The Supporting
under Supporting Facilities.  Supporting
Facilities for the project are normally in the
Facilities are all construction items outside
range of 15% to 25 % of the Primary
the five foot line such as utility services,
Facility cost. If the Supporting Facilities
site improvements, roads and parking,
costs are not within this range, then the
deviation should be clearly explained in the
construction  features  unique  to  the
requirement for the project
building because of location, such as
2. The  Parametric  Cost  Estimate
special foundations (piling, engineered fill,
(PCE) Submission, when required, shall
vibroflotation, etc.), sound attenuation
be prepared utilizing the SUCCESS
considerations,  and  contaminated  soil
program and the parametric cost models.
It is this estimate which formulates the
cost data presented in Block 9 of the DD
SION: The Schematic Design Submission
Form 1391 Plus from which Congress
Cost Estimate, when required, shall be
authorizes and appropriates construction
prepared utilizing the SUCCESS program
funds for the project.
and the parametric cost models. Since little
allowances must be made for all features
design  has  been  developed,  careful
of the project at this stage. Arriving at the
attention should be exercised to insure all
project cost consists of three steps:
major  cost  elements  are  properly
a. Preparation of the Parametric Cost
considered and evaluated. The Schematic
Design Submission Cost Estimate shall
Estimate using the building and site
include a system quantity and unit cost for
b. Preparation of the Budget Estimate
every system in the project.
Summary Sheet
c. Preparation of the DD 1391 Plus
The preliminary 35% Submission Cost
The Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE)
Submission must provide a breakdown of
Primary and Supporting Facilities costs in
order to transfer costs to the Budget
Estimate Summary Sheet and DD 1391


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