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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
e. Sketches shall not be placed in the
1.  GENERAL: The preparation of project
drawings must conform to MIL-HDBK-1006/1
(except for the drawing reference system used to
3.  ARRANGEMENT:  Drawings shall be
identify sections, elevations, and details see
arranged in the following order:
"SYMBOLS" paragraph in this Part), the
requirements contained in the A/E Guide, and
a. Title sheet and index of drawings: For large
the  requirements  of  applicable  technical
projects it may be necessary to provide a
guidance. Drawings must be complete, accurate,
separate sheet for the index of drawings. Do
and explicit. All elements of the work shall be
not provide a cover sheet which shows only the
properly coordinated to insure that there are no
project title and location.
conflicts  between  disciplines  or  between
drawings and specifications.  Duplication of
b. Vicinity and project location plans. (This
information on the drawings and in the
sheet may be combined with the title and index
specifications must be avoided. All drawings
sheet when appropriate.)
must be reviewed by experienced engineers and
architects other than the designer at all stages of
c. Civil and Sanitary (including pump stations
and similar facilities)
FACENGCOM  may  advertise  the  100%
d. Soil Boring Logs
submittal without review; therefore, it must be
complete with all elements thoroughly checked
e. Landscape and irrigation
and coordinated. Title blocks shall be complete
at this stage including all A/E seals and
f. Architectural (including interior design)
g. Structural
h. Mechanical (heating, ventilation, and air
a. All plans should be oriented so that "north"
is to the top or left of the sheet. The orientation
should be the same from sheet to sheet. Show
i. Plumbing
north arrow on all plans.
j. Electrical
b. Show all new work in heavy, dark lines and
existing items in light or dashed lines.
k. Fire Protection
c. Provide legend, graphic scales, and north
4.  LEGIBILITY:  Drawings including all
arrows on all sheets and provide key drawings
plans, details, symbols and lettering must be
where necessary.
d. Clearly identify additive bid items.


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