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P-141, Change 4
November 1998
13. BINDING: Individual sets of drawings at
architect or engineer in responsible charge of
the work portrayed on that drawing. Drawings
each stage of design shall be bound in a manner
prepared by consultant to the prime A/E may
suitable for the number of sheets and handling
be sealed by the consultant. The firm name
shown in the title block shall be that of the
prime A/E. The names of consultant firms to
the prime A/E shall not be placed on drawings.
A record of all changes occurring during
Registration seals (of a reproducible media)
construction will be made by the construction
shall be stamped to the left of the title block.
contractor on full size prints of the project
All signatures, seals, and numbering of
drawings. At the conclusion of the project
drawings shall be accomplished prior to the
construction, the A/E will be furnished the
100% submission of contract documents. Final
prints by the ROICC. Mylars (3 or 4 mil) shall
drawings (full size) shall bear original
be prepared in accordance with MIL-HDBK-
signatures and seals.
1006/1, to show "as-built" changes indicated
on the marked prints.  The final "as-built"
drawings shall show the actual construction
submitted for review at all stages of design
only. Optional methods of construction not
shall be legible good quality photocopy prints
used should be crossed out and noted "Not
on paper. Review copies of the final drawings
Built". Changes to the drawings shall be noted
shall be printed from the pdf files to ensure
in the Description column of the Revision
consistency with the CD ROM bid documents.
Block, "Corrected to As-built".  Where no
(See Section 11, Part C.) Record (As-built)
changes are made the description shall be "As-
drawings (full size) shall be ink on 3 or 4 mil
Built, No Corrections". All as-built drawings
mylar. Ink delivery may be via pen plotting or
shall be dated the same. Media shall be in
ink jet. Chemically treated or coated media
accordance with paragraph 12 above (ink on 3
required by electrostatic or thermal processes is
or 4 mil mylar). All sheets shall be dated. The
not acceptable. Laser printing on drafting film
first sheet shall be provided with original A/E
is not acceptable. Decals and stick-on drafting
seal and signatures. Provide as-built CAD files
aids are not acceptable.
on CD ROM.


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