Quantcast Environmental Pollution Control

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c. Statement of materials to be used for sewer
schedule and methods, availability of materials,
drainage, etc.  A brief description of the
systems and sewage treatment plants.
pavement section to be used shall be provided  Fencing: Describe type, height, clear
and, as a minimum, include the subsurface
conditions and the method of analysis and
zones, and justification for new fencing.
Describe height and type of existing fence on or
adjacent to the project site. Include a description
b. Alternate designs for both concrete and
of any special phasing required to maintain
flexible pavement (contractor's option) for
security during removal and installation of
non-critical areas as required by MIL-HDBK-
1190.  Environmental Pollution Control:
c. A statement of general soil conditions with a
A statement explaining expected environmental
brief outline of soil exploration and testing
pollution and the proposed method of control. A
detailed description will be necessary for those
facilities directly related to controlling air and
d. Any deviations from Design Manuals or
water pollution; such as sewage treatment plants,
industrial treatment facilities, incinerators, smoke
other  planning  standards  with  reasons
elimination facilities and other similar projects.
Storm Drainage:
2.1.2  Drawings:  The following drawings
shall be included and shall be developed to the
a. A statement of the requirements for storm
extent indicated. Standard details need not be
water management for the particular state in
shown on this submission.
which the project is located. Discuss security
a. Location Plan: Show project location in
measures to be used for ditches or pipe larger
relation to MAJOR landmarks or features of
than 10 inches which will pass beneath security
the installation. Also show the proximity to
related facilities which influence project
b. Explanation of the design approach to be
operations. Use insets with an overall view of
taken, including materials selection.
the station to show widely separated but
related facilities. The General Location Plan  Airfield  Pavement:
shall include as much of the activity as
following information.
necessary to convey meaningful information to
someone who has not visited the facility.
a. Justification for the pavement design used.
b. Existing Site and Demolition Plan:
A brief synopsis shall be included to identify
the logical alternative and discuss the rationale
Provide a complete and accurate map of the
used to determine the best pavement sections
site, drawn to an appropriate scale, showing
including identification of design aircraft, gross
existing contours and spot elevations, as well
loading, number of passes, subgrade support
as all topographic features. All bench mark
and how each was determined.  Careful
control points, markers or monuments shall be
attention shall be given to all factors such as
clearly referenced and described. The survey
criteria, cost, local conditions, construction
shall show locations of borings and shall be


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