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oriented so that North is to the top or to the
Calculations supporting the design shall be
left of the sheet. The plan shall be provided
submitted. All references, codes and design data
with graphic scales, keymaps, north arrow,
used in the calculations shall be included and
datum plane and station coordinates of bench
source indicated in the calculations.
marks, and legend to define all symbols used.  For airfield pavement and large paving
All demolition should be shown on this
drawing and indicated by legend. Demolished
projects include the following:
features should NOT be shown on subsequent
a. Subgrade  support  value  -  soils
drawings. The new facility should be outlined
(by broken line) at the proper location on this
investigation shall include the determination of
the allowable "K"  values (for concrete
pavement) or "CBR" value (for asphalt
c. Site Plan: This plan should show all new
pavement) for the subgrade soils.
aboveground site features, complete with
b. Loads - Aircraft identification(s) and gross
dimensions, traffic flow patterns, parking
layout, striping, and handicapped parking
weight, number of passes, equivalent axle
Location of new facilities
loads, etc.
should be referenced to existing, identifiable
c. Materials - includes all material to be used
surface features or survey control points.
and their allowable applications. The list shall
d. Utilities Plan: This plan should show all
include material's type and grade and class.
existing and new water and sewer lines with
d. References - includes all criteria, accepted
sizes indicated.  The water system should
include the approximate elevation of the
standards, manuals, codes, texts, papers, or
existing lines and the location of all valves and
other design information used in the analysis
hydrants. The sewer system should include the
and design that is accepted in a public domain.
location of manholes and pump stations, the
All references shall be appropriately identified.
inverts and top elevations of all manholes and
Abbreviations such as ASTM, ACI, etc., are
cleanouts, and slopes of lines. Rough details
acceptable. Also include name, manufacturer,
of pump stations, and other special structures
should be provided.  Show storm drainage
program/software used for analysis and design.
lines; include line sizes and material type,
e. The analysis for the design of pavement
slopes and appurtenances.  Mechanical and
electrical utilities should also be shown on this
sections and critical drainage structures.
f. Computer outputs shall be identified
e. Other Drawings:
Prepare  additional
similar to the calculations and may be
drawings as required to convey the scope and
referenced as an appendix or attachment.
features of the project.
2.2  35% SUBMITTAL:
For the 35%
2.1.3  Calculations:  The design of all civil
submittal, the following shall be included and
engineering aspects of the project shall be in
shall be developed to the stage indicated:
accordance with SODIV-TG-1005, referenced
criteria, and other design criteria as required.


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