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2.2.1  Basis of Design: The Basis of Design
e. Utilities:  The requirements of paragraph
should be modified as necessary to supplement
2.1.2.d are to be satisfied with the exception
the preliminary drawings, specifications and
that storm drainage features shall now be
shown on the grading and drainage plans.
These requirements shall be expanded upon as
2.2.2  Design Calculations: The calculations
required to represent the 35% submittal.
shall support the plans and specifications.
f. Soil Boring Logs:  Logs should be
Complete calculations shall be submitted for all
design features. All references, codes and design
referenced to the boring number in the plan
data used in the calculations shall be included
sheet where shown. Soils should be identified
and source indicated in the calculations.
in  accordance  with  the  Unified  Soil
Classification System.  Standard penetration
2.2.3  Design Drawings:
test blow counts and ground water table
The following
elevations shall be shown.  Soil boring log
drawings shall be included and shall be
elevations shall be referenced to true bench
developed to the extent indicated.
mark elevations shown on grading plan, and a
a. Location Plan:  Show project location,
note on the sheet shall indicate when and by
whom the borings were taken. The drawing(s)
haul routes, borrow areas, disposal areas,
should be complete at the 35% stage.
laydown and storage areas and plant sites.
This drawing may also serve as a cover sheet
g. For Airfield Pavements and other large
and should include a vicinity map. An Index of
paving projects, the following drawings are
Drawings is required and may be shown on
also required:.
this drawing.
1) Geometric Layout: Stationing, curve
b. Existing Site and Demolition Plan: The
data, lengths, widths, clearances and other
requirements of paragraph 2.1.2.b are to be
dimensions necessary to locate and layout
satisfied and expanded upon as required to
the horizontal placement of the work.
represent the 35% submittal stage.
c. Site Plan: The requirements of paragraph
Except for small projects and as approved by
2.1.2.c are to be satisfied and expanded upon
dimensions shall be tied into the local
as required to represent the 35% submittal
coordinate system.
2) Paving Plan:  Identify each type of
d. Grading and Storm Drainage Plan: This
pavement. Provide details and/or schedules
plan includes all existing and finish contours at
indicating pavement alternates or options.
maximum 1.0 foot interval, existing and finish
spot elevations as necessary to insure proper
3) Profile: Show existing and new profiles
drainage, ditches, existing and new storm
for runways, taxiways and roads. Identify in
drainage pipes with sizes and slopes shown,
the profile the location and depth of any
manholes, catch basins, curb inlets, headwalls,
crossing utilities.
and other necessary structures.
indicate locations of security barriers on man
4) PC Concrete Joint Layout:
passable pipes and ditches which pass under
security fences.
and identify all joints required.


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