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a. Location Plan:
See 35% Drawing
5) Other Plans and Details: As required
by project.
b. Existing Site and Demolition Plan and
Detail Drawings:
1) All items to be demolished clearly shown
submittals will sometimes be required by the
2) Limits of removal
Statement of Work (SOW), which will indicate
3) Complete description of items to be
the required completion percentage (e.g., 60%
interim submittal). Specific submittal items will
4) Details, where necessary, of items to be
be identified in the SOW, however, the primary
components will normally be the drawings and
5) Depth  and  dimension  of  affected
Drawings shall include all
requirements of the 35% submittal plus
pipelines and foundations
additional detail to bring them to the specified
c. Site Plan and Detail Drawings:
completion percentage.  See Section 11 for
1)  All necessary layout dimensions
interim specification requirements.
2)  Street profiles
2.4  100% SUBMITTAL:
3)  Pavement sections and joint layout and
The 100%
submission should include all drawings required
4)  Handicapped provisions details
for a 35% submittal plus all necessary detail
5)  Parking and other pavement marking
sheets to complete the civil engineering portion
6)  Curb and gutter details
of the project. In addition, other sheets required
7)  Walk details
to show such information as profiles and cross
8)  Pavement repair details (i.e. utility
sections for roads and ditches, profiles of sewer
and drainage systems, and details of all
appurtenances shall be included. The designer
9)  Guard post details
should review all Guide Specifications to be used
10) Fencing and gates location and details
in connection with the Civil Drawings. Most of
including security barriers for openings
the  Guide  Specifications  contain  design
beneath fences and gates
information in notes that indicate what must be
11) Wheel stop details
shown on the drawings for proper coordination
12) Construction limits (if critical)
with  the  specifications.
Some  Guide
13) All existing aboveground features which
Specifications contain standard details which
are not to be demolished
must be included on the drawings if they are
14) Street sign details
applicable to the project.
d. Grading and Storm Drainage Plans and
2.4.1  Calculations:
Revise  the  35%
Detail Drawings:
calculations and supplement as required for
1)  Existing and finish contours
100% design. Submit in same format as for 35%
2)  Existing and finish spot elevations
3)  Ditch profiles and sections
4)  Erosion protection
2.4.2  Drawings shall meet the following
5)  Storm drainage piping layout, new and
existing including security barriers


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