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P-141, Change 3
April 1997
d.Architectural Rendering (refer to Section
fixtures/accessories/drinking fountains,
11 Deliverables - Part AB: Architectural
and other provisions for handicapped.
5) Area Tabulation Diagram with gross SF
shown for each type of area such as
e. Model (refer to Section 11 Deliverables
interior space (100% factor), covered
- Part AC: Model)
walkways (50% factor), etc., per Navy
or Air Force criteria.
2.2  35% SUBMITTAL: The architectural
b.Roof Plan (may be drawn at smaller scale)
portion of the 35% submittal shall consist of the
showing slopes, internal drains or gutters,
2.2.1  Basis of Design: Same as requirements
(mech/elec/etc.) equipment.
in Paragraph 2.1.1.
c. Building Elevations (normally at same
2.2.2  Drawings:
The design shall be
scale as floor plan) showing all sides with
developed to approximately the 35% level and
pertinent features noted.  See Architectural
shall include the following items:
Elevation  requirements  in  SCHEMATIC
a. Architectural Floor Plans (drawn at 1/4"
SUBMITTAL, Paragraph 2.1.2.b.
scale for small and 1/8" for large buildings)
d.Exterior Wall Sections from foundation to
1) Types of walls/partitions (secure area
roof membrane/parapet top for each type of
exterior wall system. Show and label each
construction and acoustical and fire
material. Include "R-values" for wall and roof
rating), door swings, door openings,
windows, and stairs/steps/ramps with
pertinent dimensions and notes.
e. Typical Interior Partition Sections
2) Rooms/spaces with names and numbers.
showing fire and acoustical ratings. Coordinate
Show furniture and furnishings on the
with floor plans.
"35% Generic Furniture Footprint".
The furniture that is to be included in
f.  Details showing sufficient information to
the construction contract, the loose
permit development of a reliable cost estimate.
conventional furniture and any large
Include detail sections of typical roof at eaves
equipment provided by the customer
or parapet conditions at 3" = 1'-0" scale.
should be included in the plan.
3) Key Plan on each floor plan sheet when
g. Door, Window, and Louver Schedules -
the floor plan is not contained on a
see paragraph 2.4.1.f.1), 2), and 3).
single sheet.
4) Enlarged plans at 1/2" scale for toilets,
typical dormitory bedrooms, kitchens,
stairs, etc.  Include toilet partitions,
handicapped accessible/ regular toilet
P-141, Change 3


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