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recommendations. Graphs, formulae, references, pertinent computations and other
information shall also be included in the report. The report shall include a description of the
equipment and procedures used during the field investigation for sampling and
classification of the logged soils. Sampler description shall include inside and outside
diameters and driving procedures used for each type of sampler employed.
3.5.4 Geotechnical Review Certification
When a geotechnical investigation is included as part of the design package, the project
drawings and specifications shall be reviewed by the responsible geotechnical engineer.
Geotechnical review shall consist of a written statement from the A-E stating that the
submitted 100% Design Plans and Specifications appropriately incorporated the
geotechnical consultants recommendations. The certification shall reference the soil
reports containing the recommendations utilized in the project design. The certification
shall also include a signed statement from the A-E civil/structural engineer responsible for
the design that he/she has reviewed the recommendations contained in the referenced
soils reports and incorporated the same into the project design. Include a rationale for any
deviation from the proposed Geotechnical recommendations.
Certain types of structures may require the development of specific seismic ground motion
representation for use in dynamic analysis. This site specific design response spectrum is
required for all designs that use dynamic seismic analysis or when specifically called for in
the Statement of Architect-Engineer Services. A site specific ground motion representation
is also required for all structures constructed on sites with a Class F site classification as
defined in Table 3-1 of TI 809-04 (Seismic Design for Buildings) or Section of
FEMA 302 (NEHRP Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulations for New Buildings
and Other Structures). Seismic Use Group III H (Hazardous Facilities) and Group III E
(Essential Facilities) as defined in Table 4-1 of TI 809-04 require a site specific ground
motion representation if they are located on sites with a Class E site classification.
3.6.1 Procedures for Developing Seismic Ground Motions
Any structure, regardless of "Seismic Use Group" or "Site Classification" may be designed
using site specific ground motion representation if in the opinion of the design team, such
design procedures are needed to produce an appropriate design. Refer to section 6.8 of
the A-E guide for additional information relative to site specific ground motion
representation. Site specific ground motion representations shall be developed by the A-
E using well established probabilistic and/or deterministic methods. The procedures used
shall comply with section 3-4 of TI 809-04.


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