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The Naval Facilities Engineering Command exists to provide products and services that
delight our customers. The intent of VE is to enhance our ability to delight our customers
by meeting all their needs while conserving their limited financial resources.
The objective of VE is to provide the best value. Best value is defined as providing
required functions for the least life-cycle cost. VE is not cost cutting by impairing required
functions. During the process of developing solutions and evaluating alternatives, the
VE/Design team members are encouraged to challenge design standards and criteria
which do not appear to add value, enhance the project functions, or reflect current private
industry practices.
3.9.2. VE Team Studies
There are several different processes available to us to provide Value Engineering studies. Indefinite Quantity Contracts
These contracts provide the opportunity to conduct Value Engineering Team Studies using
any one of four (4) methods. The first two methods consist of multi-disciplined teams of
professionals meeting exclusively for the project. The third and fourth methods are
essentially design charettes facilitated by a professional Certified Value Specialist (CVS).
All methods require the active participation of the A-E.
This study consists of a three (3) day team study and is usually conducted
immediately following the 15% Preliminary Project Engineering Submittal. Because
the 15% submittal is still very schematic, this study investigates program issues
rather than technical details. One of the major advantages to performing an early
study is that it helps confirm the program by identifying and clarifying basic functions
of the project. It becomes a very important design tool that the User, A-E and
Project Leader can use to confirm the needs of the program.
This is the customary five (5) day study. VE services for this study are normally
performed, and a report provided, within 21 calendar days following the initiation of
the study.
The VE team for Methods One and Two shall consist of the same number of engineering
disciplines performing work in the original design and/or as required to provide VE
expertise in all design disciplines included in the original design.


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