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h. For each permit required, the A-E shall evaluate all applicable regulations to
determine if monitoring devices are needed. Where required, monitoring devices
shall be included in the project design.
3.21.4 Consolidated Compliance Assessment Report
The A-E shall prepare and submit a Consolidated Compliance Assessment Report.
The AE shall examine the project for solar energy applications and shall prepare a solar
energy study to determine the economic feasibility of applying solar energy systems to the
project design.
If a solar system is determined to be cost effective, a fee for the design will be negotiated.
The solar system is to be included in the bid package (drawings & specifications) as an
additive bid item.
The following information shall be prepared by the A-E;
a. Brief statement of work for the project.
b. A detailed statement as to why replacement is proposed over repair.
c. Whether the items being removed/replaced are original to the units. If not, when
were they installed?
d. Dimensions (thickness, height, width), details, materials, and condition (dry rot,
broken, etc..) of the items being repaired/replaced.
e. One (1) set of 10% plans, specifications, and construction schedule.
[The Project Leader shall forward the submittals for 3.23.1 to SHPO via the designated
Natural & Cultural Resources staff.]
3.23.1 The use of Recovered Materials shall be incorporated into the [design] [RFP] [IFB]
package to the maximum practicable amount. Recovered Material includes the following:
a. Building Insulation Products (loose-fill, blanket, batt, board, and spray-in-place
b. Structural fiberboard and laminated paperboard products for application other
than building insulation.
c. Cement and concrete, including concrete products such as pipe and concrete
masonry unit (CMU) block, containing coal fly ash or ground granulated blast furnace
(GGBF) slag.


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