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d. Indicate the maximum design velocity in unlined ditches.
e. Indicate design flooding of street gutters under maximum design flow conditions
and type of drop inlets to be used.
f. Indicate minimum diameter of storm drain piping.
g. Indicate minimum width of concrete cross gutters where surface storm drainage
crosses street paving.
h. State minimum slopes for surface drainage for the following:
Grass or turfed areas
Paved areas
Paved ditches
Grass swales
Unpaved areas within 10 feet (3000mm) of buildings
i. Discuss requirements for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
(NPDES)Permitting for the project locality.
6.5.4 Water Systems
a. Describe the existing water system, covering particularly the type, capacity,
adequacy, condition and present water use.
b. Describe how the design will minimize or eliminate the unsatisfactory conditions.
c. Describe connections to existing water distribution systems.
d. State the type of construction proposed, materials for water mains, type of well,
e. Describe distribution systems. Provide statement of design, domestic
consumption required and available fire flow, residual pressure and elevation
differentials. (Include designer's estimate of tentative pipe sizes.)
f. Indicate the water demand for the project and how it was derived.
g. Indicate if the existing system to be connected to is adequate to supply this
demand and how this was determined. If source is inadequate, state correction
measures needed.


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