Quantcast Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems

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d. For seismic design list the base shears in terms of %mass and list the
coefficients used to compute the base shear.
Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems
a. All loads and forces necessary to design the superstructure must be provided
by the structural designer of record. This must include all wind and seismic
design requirements.
b. The structural designer of record must review and approve all design
calculations and shop drawings.
c. A foundation design and anchor bolt design must be provided in the contract
documents. These designs will be evaluated based on the foundation
reactions provided by the superstructure designer for review by the designer
of record. The foundation design must provide for resisting the horizontal
reactions at the column bases. It shall be stated that construction of
foundations shall not take place prior to design and shop drawing approval
by the designer of record.
d. It shall be required that all calculations and shop drawings executed by a
metal building manufacturer be sealed by a registered structural or civil
e. It shall be required that the metal building fabricator be certified through the
AISC Plant Quality Certification Program in the MB category.
f. All serviceability limit states that are to be applied to the superstructure must
be stated in the contract documents. The contract documents must state that
fixed base column design is prohibited.
g. Provide complete dimensions that include such information as roof slopes,
eave heights, floor elevations, required clearances, outside face of girts or
columns and any needed reference dimensions.
h. Indicate if the building is to be designed for future expansion and indicate
bays that are available for diagonal bracing. Design-Build Elements within Design-Bid-Build (IFB) contracts.
a. All structural elements shall be completely designed and detailed in the
contract documents by the structural designer of record. The contractor
shall not be responsible for the production of structural designs nor should
the contractor be required to make design or detailing decisions.


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