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b. Foundation Plan.
c. Floor Framing Plan.
d. Roof Framing Plan.
e. Sections and Details.
f. Elevations.
g. Schedules. General Notes And Typical Details
Include all loads: snow, roof and floor loads, wheel loads, seismic criteria, and wind loads.
List any special loads such as crane loads and for other concentrated loads and, if
necessary for clarity, provide a diagram. State dead, live and total allowable loads on the
soils and corresponding loads actually used. List mooring and deck loads for waterfront
structures. Include the application/location and units of measure for each load. Design
data shall be separated from the General Notes. Material notes shall identify all materials
used such as structural steel, concrete, masonry, etc. Foundation Plan
Use the same scale and orientation as the architectural plans. Show the sizes, location
and arrangement of all significant features of the foundation system. Include the layout of all
slabs, footings, piers, grade beams, piles, caissons, pile/caisson caps, trenches, pits,
openings, depressed and thickened slabs, etc. Provide a column-line grid system oriented
about the axes, usually length and width, of the structure and along the center-lines of the
major support columns and walls. Elevations may be given using any datum consistent
throughout the structural drawings so long as the chosen datum is referenced to the true
elevation. Show adjacent existing structures and foundations which will impact the new
construction. Floor And Roof Framing Plans
Orientation of framing plans shall match the foundation plan. Show the sizes, location and
arrangement of all significant features of the horizontal framing system. Include the layout
of all beams, joists, stringers, purlins, slabs, decks, plates, grating, etc. showing all
dimensions and elevations necessary to fully describe the basic structural system. The
elevations shall be referenced to some finished datum such as top of steel, slab, finished
floor, concrete, joist, deck, etc. Special construction features and site conditions which
have a significant impact on project cost shall be shown.


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