Quantcast Large Scale Plans

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Custom Search Exterior Elevations
Show all exterior elevations. Indicate height of floors, and major vertical dimensions.
Indicate type and extent of finish materials. Building Sections
Show sections through entire facility indicating floor and ceiling heights, major structural
elements, and major equipment (such as flight trainers or other major equipment). Wall Sections
Indicate wall sections including foundation and roof which illustrate and identify the
construction elements and location. Indicate significant dimensions. Room Finish Schedule
Indicate finishes of floors, bases, walls, partitions and ceilings for all spaces. Large Scale Plans
Show enlarged plans of complex spaces (such as kitchens, laboratories, etc.) and typical
spaces (such as BEQ, BOQ modules, etc.). Interior Elevations
Show elevations of interior spaces. Indicate finishes, trim, shelving, and equipment.
Indicate heights of cabinets, work surfaces, wainscots, and ceilings. Equipment Layouts
Indicate and identify major furniture and equipment. Indicate items which are existing and
relocated, new collateral equipment, or equipment provided by the Contractor. Reflected Ceiling Plan
Show ceiling plan and identify grid systems, hard surfaces, light fixtures, smoke detectors,
diffusers, and any special features.
7.4.5 Structural Drawings
Include the following:
a. General Notes and Typical Details.


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