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and submitted with the A-E Information Form for incorporation into the contract by the
Contracting Officer. Contact Code 04CN.CD for instructions.
If the Military or Federal Standard references in the REFERENCE portion of PART 1 of
NFGS Sections does not meet the design requirements for the project, appropriate
commercial standards should be substituted. If the reference used is not included in the list
of references furnished with the issue of the CCB used, the A-E must include the source
and telephone number in the project specification's Section 01420, References.
The NFGS sections include notes that assist the designer in the editing of the project.
Adhere to these notes unless permission is received by Code 4CN.CD and the person
managing the project. Refer to the notes in the NFGS for the drawings required for the
product or system specified. NFGS may include drawings. Do not include such drawings
in the specifications. Appropriate drawings shall be included in the project drawing set.
8.5.1 Product Identification
If any schedule on the drawings or in the specifications refers to a manufacturer's product
for comparison, insert the following paragraph after each of the schedules included:
"Manufacturer's names, color identification, textures, and patterns listed are for purpose of
identification only. Products of any other manufacturer that approximate the color, texture,
or pattern are acceptable if they conform to the specifications. Named products are
acceptable only if they conform to the specifications."
8.5.2 Construction Category Codes
For Military Construction Projects the specifications require the identification of Category
Codes for different types of construction. If these are not furnished to the A-E prior to
completing the specifications they will be returned with the 100 percent comments.
The A-E shall be responsible for coordination between drawings, specifications, and cost
estimate. Incomplete and uncoordinated submittals will not be reviewed by the EFD and
will be returned for resubmittal with no further extensions or modifications to the contract.
Note: The "Success" estimating program used by the Government incorporates a Work
Breakdown Structure (WBS) which is based on CSI "Uniformat", a Uniform classification of
Construction Systems and Assemblies. Refer to the 1998 Edition of "Uniformat" for the
relationship of Uniform Construction categories to CSI Masterformat 16 Division
specification sections


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