Quantcast Estimate Design Development Contingency

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Job Toilets
item of work requiring the equip-
Pickup Trucks
Temporary Power Service
Temporary Power
Temporary Heat
Saw Rigs
Temporary Water
Hoisting Towers
Temporary Water Service
Job Telephone
Temporary Enclosures
Wheel Barrows and Buggies
Temporary Partitions
Power Tools
Picks, Shovels, Sledges, etc.
Protect New Work
Miscellaneous Small Tools
Protect Trees and Shrubs
Protect Existing Utilities
Protect Adjacent Property Estimate Escalation
Add escalation to each design estimate. Escalate the project costs to the mid-point of the
estimated construction period. Use the escalation line item for showing the mid-point
escalation on the primary and sub contractors markup sheets in the Success formatted
estimate. Estimate Design Development Contingency
Add a percentage for contingency to allow for cost increases due to items of work which
will become more clearly defined as the design develops. The added percentage shall be
based on the judgment of the estimator. Show the percentage used on the primary and
subcontractors mark-up sheets under design contingencies. Delete Design Development
Contingency from the 100% and Final Estimate. Additive Bid Items
Additive bid items shall be prepared and presented in the estimate in the same manner as
the base bid estimate. Normally, each Additive Bid Item should be within 2 to 10 percent
of the base bid item with the total of all additive bid items not to exceed 25 percent of the
base bid item. Limit additive bid items to four items unless otherwise authorized.


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