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Amendment Estimates are issued to cover project changes after release of bid documents
but prior to bid opening. The Amendment Estimate shall be prepared to reflect the
changes in the project. The Amendment Estimate requirements for detail and format are
identical to those of the Final Estimate.
Change Order Request (COR) Estimates are required when changes must be negotiated
after the construction contract has been awarded. The format for this type of estimate is
the same as that required of the Construction Contractor so as to assist the ROICC and to
simplify negotiations. There are significant differences between development of COR
Estimates and the Project Estimate previously discussed. Prepare separate estimates of
direct costs for deductive and additive costs. Prepare a separate estimate for the Prime
Construction Contractor's work and for each sub-contractor involved in the changed work.
If necessary, contact the cognizant ROICC for information on the division of work between
the general contractor and subcontractors. Examples of COR estimates format can be
found in the Cost Engineering Estimate Format Guide available from the Cost Engineers.
The A-E of record will only be required to complete the back sheet portion which is the
unburdened cost. In-house estimates by the cost engineers will follow the same guidance.
Provide an analysis of the low bid when the low bidder is greater than + 10 percent from
the Final Government Estimate or when there is substantial variance with the other bidders
and viability of the low bid is questionable. This involves the comparison of estimates with
the low bidder's to the extent that areas of differences can be identified and evaluated for
responsiveness to project requirements. The confidentiality of the Government Estimate
shall be maintained and quantitative elements shall be divulged only as is necessary to
obtain information for analysis and conclusions.
9.7 8(a) CONTRACTS
Since 8(a) projects are negotiated directly with the Contractor, the Government estimate
should reflect that work for which funds are available and no more. There will be no
Additive Bid Items allowed in 8(a) projects. There is only a Base Bid Item. The detailed
estimate will be formatted in the same manner as estimates prepared for regular MCON
projects as described herein before, except that the A-E will prepare a detailed estimate
package with line item description and unit of measure only to be given to the 8(a)
contractor for his use in presenting his proposal.


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