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clause 252.227-7023 - Drawings and Other Data to Become Property of Government is
made as part of this contract's requirements.
3.1.1 Required Files
Required files include, but are not limited to, the following:
a. Drawings: All hard copy drawings produced for the purpose of designing and/or
drafting the Project in compliance with the requirements of the A-E Contract, the
A-E Guide and other referenced instructions, directives, design manuals, etc.
b. Electronic Files: All files shall be compressed, native format and compatible
with and readable (without modification) by AutoCAD, version 14 or Microstation
J as required by the specific Station. Required files include, but are not limited
to, the following files and will be placed in a directory structure separating each
design discipline:
(1) Project Drawings; in two formats - uncompressed native file format
(DWG or DGN) and Adobe Acrobat PDF. To facilitate ES and printing
by Southwest Division, individual PDF files will be combined into a
collated set utilizing Acrobat Exchange software yielding a single
interactive file "bookmarked" to each sheet. Where the number of
project drawings would create a file larger than 5 Megabytes, the
drawing set may be broken down into multiple PDF files smaller than 5
Megabytes. PDF drawing files are to be rendered full scale, with black &
grey screened linework and used to produce the plotted hardcopy
drawings required by this contract to be submitted with wet stamps &
(2) All Drawing library symbols, blocks, attributes, script files, hatch and/or fill
patterns, text fonts and/or styles, etc., utilized during the preparation of
the Project Drawings. These CAD elements shall be located in the same
directory as the CAD files such that no errors or replacements are
encountered when the file is opened in its native format from the CD-
(3) All menu modifications, LISP programs and routines, and other custom
commands utilized in the development of the Project Drawings and
required to facilitate evaluation and/or editing of the Project files.
(4) SpecsIntact SGML Specifications in both uncompressed native file
format and Adobe Acrobat PDF. To facilitate Electronic Bid Solicitation
by Southwest Division, a single interactive PDF Specifications manual
will be produced utilizing Adobe acrobat Exchange. The PDF


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