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4. A master table of contents for all volumes shall be provided at the front of
each volume. The following statement should appear at the bottom of each
page of the master table of contents: "An OMSI User Manual has also been
prepared for this facility. If product data for components/materials of the
systems covered by this Operation and Maintenance Manual cannot be
found, it may be contained in the applicable specification section of the User
b. Microfilm Copy. In addition to submitting hard copy sets of the final Operation &
Maintenance Manual, also required are two sets in a microfilm format (35mm
cartridge). Each set should be self-contained within one or more microfilm(s).
Cartridge containers should be labeled as to their contents. A Master Index should
be prepared, filmed, and included in each microfilm for each set, after the binder
cover sheet and preface sheet. If more than one microfilm is used to film each set,
the Master Index should so indicate. The first page of the Master Index should show
the following heading information: Type of OMSI Manual; project title and location;
project number and construction contract number; number and title of the volumes
and their respective contents. The Master Index should be to the level of detail of
the hard copy Master Table of Contents. The intent of the Master Index is to quickly
locate data contained in the microfilm.


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