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Section 1:
1.1  Scope.  This design manual provides guidance for Naval Facilities
Engineering Command (NAVFACENGCOM) personnel involved in the analysis,
design, engineering and/or implementation of intrusion detection systems
(IDS) at Department of the Navy shore-based installations.  Coverage of IDS
elements in this manual is limited to commercially available equipment
including the range of interior point protection devices, duress alarms,
interior space protection sensors, simple exterior sensors limited to
devices that can be attached to perimeter barriers, closed-circuit
television for remote alarm assessment purposes, alarm signal data
communication media, alarm reporting and monitoring systems, and basic card
access control systems.  This manual is applicable to shore-based facilities
within the 50 United States (except nuclear storage and conventional Arms,
Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) sites) for which Commander, Naval
Facilities Engineering Command (COMNAVFACENGCOM) has Military Construction
(MCON) design responsibility for commercial IDS systems.
1.2  Related Criteria.  Several agencies of DOD and the Department of the
Navy have cognizant responsibility for issuance of policy, directives,
guidance, or other criteria which impact upon security system definition at
Navy shore-based facilities.  The following nonexhaustive listing of
directives are potentially applicable to the range of Navy sites involving
NAVFAC design responsibilities:
1.  U.S. Physical Security and Loss Prevention Manual, OPNAVINST
5530.14A (85)
Information Security Program Regulation, DOD 5200.1-R (August 82)
3.  Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented
Information Facilities, DIAM 50-3 (May 80, reprinted May 83)
4.  Guidelines for Facility Design and Red/Black Installation,
National COMSEC Information Memorandum (NACSIM) 5203, National Security
Agency, (C) (June 82)
5.  Department of the Navy Automatic Data Processing Security
Program, OPNAVINST 5239.1A (April 85)
6.  Cryptographic Security Policies and Procedures, CSP-1
(December 81)
7.  Department of the Navy Information Security Program
Regulation, OPNAVINST 5510.1G (April 84)
8.  Department of the Navy Physical Security Instruction for
Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E), OPNAVINST
5530.13 (December 81) (Change no. 1 dtd. 12/20/83)


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