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(construction) contract; and phase 4 encompassing installation, test,
acceptance, and turnover of the security system.
3.5.3  Phase 1 - Requirements Definition.  The primary objective of the
critical first phase of the process is the determination of vulnerability.
As indicated earlier, a security system is only as effective as its ability
to control and reduce vulnerability.  The process commences, therefore, with
a thorough analysis of the physical and operational environment in which the
system must operate and the array of threats postulated against it.  This is
graphically displayed in Figure 10.  Perform On-Site Requirements Analysis.  The principal inputs to
these first steps are resource and threat documentation.  The site survey
guide provided in Section 10 of this manual should be used as primary input
into this phase of the design process.  Resource Analysis.  Resource analysis provides a baseline of
in-place or projected subsystem elements which contribute to the eventual
design.  The physical plant, for example, has walls, barriers, terrain,
etc., with inherent delay capabilities.  Various operational procedures are
in place providing for management controls over identified assets.  Each of
these and other elements must be identified in order to determine their
protective capabilities.  This analysis is particularly important in
retrofit applications.  Cost/benefit/effectiveness alternatives are of


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