Quantcast Figure 27. Electrostatic Field Sensor

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or more field or transmitter wires, two or more sensor (receiver) wires, and
a combination crystal-controlled E-field generator, amplifier, and sensor
signal processor for each sensor zone.  A minimum of one transmitter and two
sensor wires are required to adequately cover a standard 8.5-foot high chain
link security fence upon which it is mounted.  Four or more wire
configurations are common.  An electrostatic field transmitted by the
transmitter wire is received by the sensor wires.  Then, any disturbances in
the field are detected and an alarm declared.  Adjustments to the alarm
threshold are possible.  The wires are kept under tension to maintain field
stability.  The configuration usually resembles an inverted "T."  Figure 27
depicts an electrostatic field sensor configuration.  The following
considerations for application and installation apply to the electrostatic
field fence sensor:


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