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are intended to be used in conjunction with the RMAN issued on May 1,
1995 (60 FR 21386) and the Paper Products RMAN issued on May 29,1996
(61 FR 26985). Refer to the May 1, 1995 RMAN for definitions, general
recommendations for affirmative procurement programs, and
recommendations for previously designated items.
I. General Recommendations
II. Specific Recommendations for Procurement of Designated Items
Part C--Construction Products
Section C-5--Floor Tiles and Patio Blocks Containing Recovered
Plastic or Rubber
Section C-6--Shower and Restroom Dividers/Partitions Containing
Recovered Plastic or Steel
Section C-7--Reprocessed and Consolidated Latex Paints for Specified
Part D--Transportation Products
Section D-2--Parking Stops Made from Concrete or Containing
Recovered Plastic or Rubber
Section D-3--Channelizers, Delineators, and Flexible Delineators
Containing Recovered Plastic, Rubber, or Steel
Part E--Park and Recreation Products
Section E-2--Plastic Fencing Containing Recovered Plastic for
Specified Uses
Part F--Landscaping Products
Section F-3--Garden and Soaker Hoses Containing Recovered Plastic or
Section F-4--Lawn and Garden Edging Containing Recovered Plastic or
Part G--Non-Paper Office Products
Section G-6--Printer Ribbons
Section G-7--Plastic Envelopes
Part H--Miscellaneous Products


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