Quantcast Chapter 3 Structural Elevator Design Guide

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Design Reference Documents
3-1.1 Design elevator, hoistway, and machine room in accordance with the current versions of
the following reference documents:
America Society of Civil Engineers. Minimum Design
Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.
ASME A 17.1,
America Society of Mechanical Engineers Safety Code
Elevators and Escalators.
FEMA - 302, February 1999 - NEHRP Recommended Provisions for Seismic.
Regulations for New Buildings and Other Structures.
Part 1 Provisions.
NFGS - 14210 - NAVFAC Guide Specifications Section 14210,
"Electric Traction Elevators"
NFGS - 14240 - NAVFAC Guide Specifications Section 14240,
"Hydraulic Elevators"
TI 809-04, 31 December 1998 - TRI-Service Instruction, Seismic Design for Buildings.
3-1.2 The requirements and guidance provided in this Structural Elevator Design Guide are
applicable to both continental United States and overseas projects, however the
technical/commercial reference standards (ASME) listed in this document will be different
in Europe.
3-2 Design Requirements
3-2.1 In all seismicity regions, provide adequate structural support to attach the elements of the
elevator support system as required by the elevator manufacturers design and applicable
codes. The elevator manufacturers shall design the elements of the elevator support
system (all elements that are part of the elevator system, such as the car and
counterweight frames, guide rails, supporting brackets and framing, as well as supports
and attachments for driving machinery, operating devices, and control equipment) with
consideration to lateral seismic forces and displacement of TI 809-04, Paragraph 10-3.h.
The elevator shall also comply with the following:
a. Manufacturer shall design all supports and attachments for machinery and equipment
with an ap equal to 1.0 for rigid and rigidly attached items and equal to 2.5 for nonrigid
or flexibly mounted equipment.


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