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1.1 Entry Control Facility Mission and Priorities
Entry control facilities (ECFs) ensure the proper level of access control for all DOD personnel,
visitors, and commercial traffic to an installation. The objective of an ECF is to secure the
installation from unauthorized access and intercept contraband while maximizing vehicular
traffic flow (7, 6). There are several components that are required for an ECF to properly
perform this function. These components can be prioritized as follows (7, 6):
1.1.1 Security
The first objective of an ECF is to maintain perimeter security for the installation (7, 6). As
discussed in the J34 "ATFP Installation Planning Template", many security experts suggest
installations should focus first on threats that can be mitigated at the first line of defense the
installation perimeter. Entry Control Facilities and the access control they provide are
extremely important to defense-in-depth and effective risk mitigation. In accordance with
DOD O-2000.12-H, the security measures employed during Force Protection Condition
(FPCON) Bravo must be capable of being maintained for weeks without causing undue
hardship, affecting operational capability, or aggravating relations with local authorities.
Therefore, an ECF must be capable of supporting the security measures employed during
Force Protection Condition (FPCON) Bravo, including any Random Anti-terrorism Measures
employed in accordance with the installation Anti-Terrorism Plan (7, 6). In addition, the
facility must support operations at increased FPCONs for shorter durations, including 100%
vehicle inspections (7, 6).
1.1.2 Safety
The layout and construction of the ECF should properly address the working environment of
security personnel to ensure a safe working area (7, 7). This includes providing proper shelter
from inclement weather or attack and providing protection from vehicular impact.
1.1.3 Capacity
While the priority of the ECF is to maintain a proper level of security, the facility should also
maximize the flow of traffic (7, 7). Congestion at the ECF causes delay for personnel and
creates a safety hazard that negatively effects installation operations.
1.1.4 Image
Since the ECF is the first facility encountered by personnel or visitors entering an installation, it
is imperative that the facility reflects the appropriate image and aesthetic character.


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