Quantcast Design Scenario 4

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approach zone to identify and control oncoming vehicles. However, there is adequate
distance available to create an acceptable response zone while ensuring an adequate safety
zone to nearby facilities or assets. The limited approach zone will limit the available space
for a traffic queue and prohibits the addition of lanes, due to the lack of space required to
create a proper transition.
5.4 Design Scenario 4
The fourth scenario occurs when there is a short distance between the base or installation
perimeter and the access control zone and a short distance between the access control zone
and the main part of the installation. This situation occurs frequently in congested installations
or installations located in an urban area. The implication of this condition is there is insufficient
space to create a response zone without significant damage to nearby facilities or assets and
that there is inadequate space to create an approach zone to identify and control oncoming
vehicles. It is important to recognize if the response zone is so limited that it is determined that
security personnel will not have sufficient reaction time to deploy the active vehicle barrier
system, then the entry control point should be operated with the barriers in the up position,
lowered for each authorized vehicle. This type of operation can significantly reduce the
throughput of the entry control point, however, it may be required in order to provide a
sufficient level of security.


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