Quantcast Vehicle Inspection Technologies Und-Aware AG-300 UVSS, BG-200

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Vehicle Inspection Technologies Und-Aware AG-300 UVSS, BG-200
Point of Contact
Company Information
William Peterson
Vehicle Inspection Technologies
22800 Executive Drive
Unit 100
Sterling, VA 20166
Cost Data: $50K On GSA Schedule. Delivery 10
weeks. Installation and training included.
Description: Und-Aware AG-300 Under Vehicle Security Surveillance System. Search the full width and length of any
size vehicle, in any weather (with the AirWash option), in real time. Or, add recording for immediate review or later
playback (with appropriate options). The Und-Aware AG-300 provides nine high-resolution (NTSC) color camera images
for sharp detail over a full 8-foot vehicle width. Three separate base assembly units incorporate the AirWash components,
lights and readily replaceable camera modules. Special end modules provide a smooth ground transition, or connect to the
Hubbell Truk Trak cable management system. An easy-to-use integrated unit within the security facility controls the cameras
and AirWash in full "A-76 (minimum-man)" compliance. The control system features a COTS multiplexer for easy
integration with existing security installations. This portable unit may be deployed by one person in less than one-half hour.
It is designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to maintain, yet sufficiently rugged to have an 80, 000 pound GVW
rating. In the event of a camera failure, a camera module can be exchanged in less than one-minute. Likewise, a failed
light can be replaced in less than three-minutes. High-resolution color cameras and lots of light combine to maximize the
likelihood of seeing something you are looking for. Maximum use of brass, aluminum, stainless steel and high-strength
plastics insures long-life operation under difficult outdoor conditions. For permanent installations specify the BG-200
installed system for even lower maintenance and perfectly flat surface-level grating. Special lighting available for very
low or very high temperature operation and special low-voltage kit available to minimize voltages to less than 50 volts
The following lessons learned have been generated through previous testing of Under Vehicle
Inspection Systems by SPAWARSYSCEN and OPNAV N34.
Consider maintenance requirements. Is the equipment self-cleaning?
If installed below grade, is the enclosure waterproof? Is the vault and equipment
designed to support large vehicle loading?
Install the system far enough in advance of the access control point so that the largest
vehicle can pass over the equipment without entering the installation.
Drainage should be established such that water drains away from the equipment.
When providing drains from the equipment enclosure, provide backflow prevention
valves to prevent water from entering the vault. Ensure any water that may be
captured in the vault will not drain through control conduit to the control center.
The electrical circuit serving the equipment should be a ground fault interrupt (GFI)


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