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ITG FY03-4
5 June 2003
Repair rainwater leaks through walls, at windows, and at roofs as
they are frequently the most significant contributors of moisture.
Also, houseplants and any source of standing water (such as
aquariums and sumps) can contribute significant moisture to the
5100.23F Navy Occupational Safety and Health Manual, individuals working in
buildings with indications of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) should report the
problem(s) to their immediate supervisors. If the Navy maintains the building, the
appropriate supervisor coordinates all contact with the designated facilities
maintenance activity (e.g., Public Works Center (PWC,) Public Works Lead
Activity (PWLA), or first lieutenant) and the activity Navy Occupational Safety and
Health (NAVOSH) Manager. The supervisor, facility manager and servicing
safety office will perform an assessment and investigation as shown in
paragraphs 1-3.2 to determine the cause(s) of poor indoor air quality. If the
activity is unable to determine the cause of the problem, the NAVOSH manager
must request the cognizant industrial hygiene service to initiate an IAQ
The Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) Consultative
Assistance Team (CAT) assists in IAQ investigations beyond the scope of the
cognizant industrial hygiene service. BUMED determines whether the problem is
primarily health-related, engineering related, or both, and will request assistance
from appropriate sources as needed (e.g., NAVFACENGCOM).
If the building contains Navy personnel, but is maintained by a
private enterprise, report the problem(s) to the appropriate facilities maintenance
organization. If there is no solution, contact the NAVOSH manager.
To solve the problem, it is critical to cooperate with the installation's
industrial hygienist and facilities management team when evaluating
complaints relevant to the work area.
Reasons for Complaints. Indoor air quality complaints may arise
as a result of many things, including, but not limited to, the following:
Office design
Maintenance practices


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