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inspecting, shipping, and storing hazardous/mixed waste materials and maintenance materials, and
controlled radiological tank storage.
d. Dry-dock facilities exist only in the Hampton Roads area. Aircraft carriers will be
located to this location during periods when this service is required. Contact NAVSEA for
specific requirements.
SECTION 4 - Logistics
Pier and wharf width
a. Wharves or piers with berths on one side = 90 ft min (20 ft bollards and utilities, 35 ft
mobile crane ops, 15 ft. fire lane, 20 ft for loading area).
b. Piers with berths on both sides = 150 ft. min. (40 ft bollards and utilities, 70 ft mobile
crane ops/loading area, 15 ft fire lane, 25 ft for loading area). This requirement is for carrier
(CVN) berths or a combination of CVN/AOE berthed. Recommend 150-foot wide piers based on
operational experience of existing facilities.
c. These widths provide adequate space for line handling, utility maintenance, ship
maintenance, replenishment, and fire fighting access. Transformers are assumed off-deck or
under-deck, deck mounted transformers require additional 25 ft. of pier width.
Pier and wharf length and height
a. Pier and wharf length should be 1300-1325 ft. min.
b. Deck height must not conflict with CVN elevators. When lowered, the lowest
projection of the elevator is 9.0 ft above the water for a fully loaded CVN. Generally deck height
is set 2/3 the significant wave height + 3 ft. above Mean Higher High Water (MHHW). Camels,
as mentioned later, generally provide enough standoff to prevent interference. However, camels
of narrower width may result in interference.
Pier strength
a. Live load = 800 psf min.
b. Mobile Crane load = 2-140 ton mobile cranes. Confirm crane sizes with those
available at the location. During availability, cranes will periodically handle 60,000-pound tanks.
Most lifts are in the 40,000-pound range.
c. Aircraft range in weight from 35,000 pounds to 74,000 pounds. Due to the 75-ft
reach, use 75-ton portal cranes to remove aircraft from the flight deck. Contact local Activity to
determine optimal lifting method. A portal crane has been used to lift a 90,000-pound mobile
crane onto a carrier flight deck.


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