Quantcast Shore Utility Requirements (per CVN)

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Shore Utility Requirements (per CVN) (5)
Peak Demand with Air
Average Demand
Without Air Wing
Certified Pure, 150
50,000 pph (pounds per
35,000 pph
a. Steam
EPA Approved, 40
1000 gpm (gallons per
1000 gpm and 95,000
b. Potable water
psi (residual)
minute) and 185,000 gpd
(gallons per day)
Certified Pure
150 gpm and 20,000 gpd
150 gpm and 20,000 gpd
c. Pure water
d. Fire fighting water (1)
Salt or nonpotable,
4400 gpm
4400 gpm
150 psi
Salt or nonpotable,
4100 gpm
4100 gpm
e. Cooling/flushing water
150 psi
125 psig
2400 scfm
2400 scfm
f.  Compressed air
(portable or pier-based
g. Shore power (2)
2880 amps (21,000 kVA)
1800 amps (13,000 kVA)
h. Sanitary sewer (3)
400 gpm pumps
190,000 gpd
Not applicable
200 twisted pairs with 60
i.  Telephones
pairs of active lines
Not applicable
IT-21 requirements under
j.  Telecommunications
development, contact
NAVFAC Criteria Office
k. Oily waste collection (4)
200 gpm
80,000 gpd
35,000 gpd
Chaper 9490
3000-4500 psi
3000-4500 psi
l.  High pressure air
(1) Include salt water for fire fighting and cooling/flushing when potential exists for ship to
be in cold iron status. Total demand equals fire fighting plus cooling/flushing flow.
(2) Supplemental 480 V service is recommended on all CVN piers for use by other classes of
(3) There are two types of CVN sanitary sewage systems. CVN 68-71 has 7 tanks with 3
manifold discharge stations. Each station has 2-400 gpm pumps. CVN 72-76 has 2 tanks
with 2 discharge stations. Each station has 2-400 gpm pumps.
(4) Peak demand assumes emptying an 80,000 gallon shipboard oily waste holding tank
(OWHT) at arrival.
(5) For multiple CVN's at the pier, contact the NAVFAC Criteria Office for diversity factors
for each utility system.


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