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3.1  Terms and definitions.  Terms used in this handbook are defined in FED-
STD-1037, JCS PUB 1, and NCSC-9, except as listed below, which are uniquely
defined for the purpose of this handbook.
3.1.1  BLACK equipment area (BEA).  An area in a limited exclusion area
designated for the installation of equipment processing unclassified
information or encrypted information.
3.1.9  Bulk filtering.  The practice of using filters at the first service
disconnect or on each power panel, thus filtering power to many items of
equipment with one set of filters.
3.1.3  Cognizant TEMPEST agency.  That agency within a department, service,
or activity which, by virtue of its mission charter, has the knowledge to
develop and the authority to implement rules, regulations, policies,
criteria, and guidance to safeguard defense information, with specific
emphasis on the implementation of the TEMPEST program.
3.1.4  Collateral.  All national security information classified under the
provisions of an executive order, for which special community systems of
compartmentation (e.g., Sensitive Compartmented Information) are not formally
3.1.5  Controlled access area (CAA).  The complete building, facility, or
area under direct physical control which includes one or more limited
exclusion areas, controlled BLACK equipment areas, or combinations thereof.
3.1.6  Controlled BLACK equipment area (CBEA).  A BLACK equipment area which
is not located in a limited exclusion area (LEA), but is afforded the same
physical entry control which would be required if it were within an LEA.
3.1.7  Controlled space (CS).  The three-dimensional space surrounding
facilities that process classified information within which unauthorized
personnel are: (a) denied unrestricted access, (b) escorted by authorized
personnel, or (c) under continual physical or electronic surveillance.
3.1.8  Equipment radiation TEMPEST zone (ERTZ).  A zone established as a
result of determined or known equipment radiation TEMPEST characteristics.
The zone includes all space within which a successful hostile intercept of
compromising emanations is considered possible.
3.1.9  Hardened cable path.  A path which provides physical protection for
the cable such that a delay factor is applied against penetration or
3.1.10  Limited exclusion area (LEA).  A room or enclosed area where security
controls have been applied to provide protection to the equipment and wire
lines of a RED information processing system equivalent to the security
required for the information transmitted through the system.  An LEA must
contain a RED equipment area.
3.1.11  Protected distribution system (PDS).  An approved transmission
adequate acoustical, electrical, electromagnetic, and physical safeguards
have been applied to permit the transmission of unencrypted classified
information.  The associated facilities include all equipment and wire lines
to be safeguarded.  The major components are defined as follows:


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