Quantcast Figure 10-15. Stuffing Tube for Waveguide

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MIL-HDBK-419A Stuffing Tube for Waveguide. In this method, illustrated in figure 10-15, the connection to the
waveguide is made with a highly compressed stainless steel wool placed between rigid conduit and the bare
waveguide. The conduit must be installed over the waveguide before the end fittings are installed. The
follower plugs serve to compress the steel wool and also aid in weatherproofing and protecting the bond from
corrosion. After all weather proofing has been completed, the rigid conduit should be bonded to the entry panel
or facility shield by welding or brazing.
1. Steel wool lightly compressed by follower plugs.
2. Steel wool and waveguide surface must be protected against corrosion.
Figure 10-15. Stuffing Tube for Waveguide


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