Quantcast Types of Underwater Investigations

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1.2.2 Types of Underwater Investigations. The following are four types
of underwater investigations.  Chesapeake Division NAVFACENGCOM Code FPO-1
can provide assistance in scoping and conducting these types of inspections.
a. Routine Underwater Inspection.
1.  Objective.  To obtain data on general condition, to
confirm and update drawings, and to make estimated cost of repairs for
planning purposes.
2.  Scope.  The basic underwater inspection shall include a
"swim-by" of all components of a facility and detailed examination of an
engineered sample of components.
3.  Funding.  Routine underwater inspections will be conducted
by the Chesapeake Division, Code FPO-1 and funded by Naval Facilities
Engineering Command.
Underwater Engineering or Underwater Design Surveys.
1.  Objective. To obtain data necessary for design,
specifications, and detailed cost estimates.
2.  Scope.  -The underwater engineering and design surveys
shall include necessary cleaning, detailed examination and measurements
required for engineering repair or construction plans.
3.  Funding.  When an underwater engineering or design survey
is required, it shall be initiated and funded by the cognizant activity or
Underwater Acceptance Inspection.
1 . O b j e c t i v e .  To confirm that repair or construction has
been completed according to plans and specifications.
2.  Scope.  This underwater inspection shall include a
detailed examination of all underwater components installed, repaired or
Funding.  This service is available upon request from
ROICC or activity on a reimbursable basis.
Underwater Research.
1.  Objective.  To obtain information for research projects
such as the rate of deterioration.
2. Scope.  Cleaning, detailed examination, and measurement of
specified components is required.


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