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Moving Walks - A type of passenger-carrying device on which passengers stand or walk, and
in which the passenger-carrying surface remains parallel to its direction of motion and is
NAVFAC - Naval Facilities Engineering Command.
NEC - National Electrical Code.
OIC - Officer in Charge.
OICC - Officer in Charge of Construction.
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Act, General Industries Standards.
Power Platforms for Exterior Building Work - A power operated work platform which
operates on the exterior of a building and is used to perform exterior building maintenance
PWO - Public Works Officer.
Sidewalk Elevator - An elevator of the freight type for carrying material exclusive of
automobiles and operating between a landing in a sidewalk or other area exterior to a building
and floors below the sidewalk or grade level.
VTE - Vertical Transportation Equipment includes but is not limited to: Elevators,
Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Moving Walks, Sidewalk Elevators, Special Purpose Personnel
Elevators, Automatic Transfer Devices, material Hoists, Personnel Hoists, Manlifts, Inclined
Lifts, Automotive Lifts, Mechanized Parking Garage Equipment, Power Platforms for Exterior
Building Work and Levellators.
1.2.1 Inspection
All inspections shall be performed in accordance with the guidelines specified in this
document for the specific type of equipment being inspected. Paragraphs of this manual that are
identified with a vertical line in the left margin are inspections that should be made by certified
Vertical Transportation Equipment Inspectors only. Required tests shall be coordinated with the
in-house maintenance staff and/or the elevator maintenance contractor. All tests shall be
conducted by maintenance personnel and shall be witnessed by the certified Vertical
Transportation Equipment Inspector.


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