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The open car construction should allow sufficient access to this equipment; however, a ladder
may be necessary for close inspection of specific items. Extreme caution should be taken in this
case to assure the elevator will not operate when using the ladder. The lack of a car top control
device makes this area of inspection quite difficult. It is necessary for the inspector to review the
installation and the equipment, and formulate a specific inspection procedure based on general
inspection and safety procedures modified for the specific application.
6.2.3 Outside The Hoistway Inspection Hoistway Entrances. Division 102 of the A17.2 Manual describes the various
inspections that are to be made from outside the hoistway. Hoistway entrances are the most
important equipment examined at this time. Items 100.1 to 100.5 as well as items 103.12 and
103.13 of the A17.2 Manual are included by reference in the examination procedure of the
hoistway enclosure and doors. These items should be followed with the special considerations
noted hereafter. Sidewalk Opening. Sidewalk openings are most likely protected with hinged doors.
(vertical rising covers may be infrequently encountered but since requirements are similar,
reference will be made to doors only.) These doors should be carefully checked. Note structural
defects and rust that should be cleaned and parts repainted. Note any damage to the door panel
which could result in a tripping hazard when the door (cover) is closed or allow objects to fall
into the hoistway below. Finally, try to open the door without touching the locking device. It
should not open. Sidewalk door arrangement size and location are carefully covered by the
A17.1 Code in order to minimize unsafe conditions. Door size may not exceed 7'-0" (parallel to
the building line) by 5'-0". Doors must have a non-slip upper surface. Door hinges must be
mounted at right angles to the line of the building. The side of the door opening nearest the
building wall may be no more than 4" from the wall. No obstruction may be closer than 18"
from the sidewalk doors when in their fully open position. Inspect door hinges for rust, damage
and wear. Check that they are securely fastened and operate freely. If sidewalk doors can be
secured in the open position, verify that metal screen panels that are always closed when the car
is not at the top terminal are provided.


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