Quantcast Drive Machine

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8.3.4 Wiring
All electrical wiring should be checked for damage. Many times conductors and conduits have
become damaged when working in the area. The wiring must be constantly inspected to maintain
a safe environment.
8.3.5 Drive Machine
Check the motor to determine that is clean, properly lubricated and in good operating
condition. Visually check the driving machine fastenings and bearing caps and determine that
they are tight. Visually check the condition of the brake, if possible. Test the brake application
to determine that it applies upon loss of power or actuation of the safety devices. Also note any
excessive backlash in the driving gears. If a chain is used to connect the driving machine to a
sprocket on the main drive shaft, note whether there is adequate, but not excessive slack in the
driving chain. Note the adjustment of the broken-chain device and whether chain or gears are
lubricated. If the drive chain parts, the device will cause the application of the brake on the main
drive shaft and stop the drive machine. Operate the broken-chain device by hand to verify
operation. Inspect V-belts for damage, wear, tension, and reasonable quality of tension among
members of a set. When V-belts are replaced in multiple drives, a matched set of belts should be
8.3.6 Speed Governor
The speed governor, if required, should be checked by tripping the mechanism manually.
Speed governors are not required where a moving walk is driven by AC squirrel cage induction
motors and the motor is directly connected to the driving machine.
8.3.7 Pallet Chain
Note any excessive slack in either pallet chain and whether they are lubricated. Lack of
adequate chain lubrication may be indicated by the presence of a red rusty deposit on the side
plates of the chain links.
8.3.8 Broken Treadway Device
Where belt pallet type or pallet type treadways are used a broken treadway device is required.
This should be operated by hand to determine that it will apply the brake and stop the moving


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