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10.1.4 Applicable Safety Standards
The applicable safety standards for the construction, maintenance, inspection and operation of
manlifts is contained in ANSI A90.1-1976 Safety Standard for Manlifts and section 1910.68 of
the Federal OSHA Standards for Manlifts. Many state and municipal code inspection authorities
also publish safety standards for manlifts. Because there have been many incidences of
accidents to persons on or about manlifts with numerous fatalities, a number of local code
enforcement bodies have outlawed their use. The Navy does not allow any new manlifts to be
installed for this very reason.
10.1.5 Inspection Interval
Both the A90.1 Code and the OSHA Section 1910.68 require the periodic inspection of the
following items at not more than 30 day intervals:
a. Belt and Belt Joints
b. Bottom (Boot) Pulley and Clearances
c. Bottom Pulley Supports
d. Bottom Pulley Takeup
e. Brake
f. Drive Mechanism and Couplings
g. Electrical Switches
h. Floor Landings - Slippery Conditions
i. Guardrails
j. Handhold Fastenings
l. Limit Switches
m. Lubrication
n. Drive Motor & Coupling
o. Pulley Lagging
p. Pulley Supports
q. Rail Supports and Fastenings
r. Rail/Track
s. Rollers and Slides
t. Rope Control Stop
u. "Skip" on Up or Down Run When Mounting Step (Indicating Worn Gears)
v. Steps
w. Step Fastenings
x. Top Pulley
y. Vibration and Misalignment
z. Warning Signs and Lights
aa. Safety stops - inspect weekly


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