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11.2.8 Oil And Air Lines
The oil supply line between the cylinder and the control valve should be checked for freedom
from corrosion, leaks, excessive vibration, and adequate support. A similar review should be
conducted of any air lines to ensure that rack and pinion equalizers, as applicable, are there.
11.2.9 Drifting Of Lift Platform
Drifting of a hydraulic lift may be an indication of a potentially hazardous situation and
should be carefully investigated to determine the cause of the drifting. This information is
necessary so that a decision can be made as to whether it is safe to allow the lift to continue in
service. Cylinders that cannot be inspected visually should be tested in the following
manner with no load on the lift. Locate and mark the location of the lift at any convenient
position. open the disconnect switch for 15 minutes. Note the position of the lift platform with
respect to the reference mark. A change in lift position that cannot be accounted for by visible
oil leakage or temperature change of the oil indicates a leak of the cylinder or in the underground
piping and a need for further inspections, tests, or repairs.
11.2.10 Covers And Guards
The inspector should check to see that all covers and guards and sub-pit covers (where
applicable) are in place. They are provided to prevent accidental contact with moving devices or
exposed electrical components. This protection is not being provided if the cover or guard is not
properly mounted in place. Curb angles and throw over plates should be in place (as applicable),
be undamaged and fully operational.
11.2.11 Housekeeping
The lift and surrounding area should be kept clean. Build-up of lint, dirt, lubricants, and trash
in pits (if applicable), on yokes, brackets and rails presents a serious fire hazard. If pits are
present, they should not be used for storage of any materials or fluids.
11.2.12 Operating Speed
The elevator speed should be checked with a tachometer to verify that the lift is operating at
rated speed. A lift operating below rated speed is not providing full service and should be
adjusted. Occasionally, a lift is found operating over the rated speed.


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