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NOTE: Paragraphs identified with a vertical line in the left margin are inspections that should
be made by certified Vertical Transportation Equipment Inspectors only.
15.1.1 Scope
The term INDUSTRIAL CONVEYOR is a generic title given to a device or series or devices
used to move material from one place to another either by power or gravity. They can move
material either horizontally or vertically or both. Conveyors are designed to suit an application.
This chapter will provide generalized inspection procedures to follow. The inspector will have
to formulate his own specific procedures for each individual device based on the specific design
of the device, manufacturer's recommendations, actual application and the general considerations
included in this chapter. The inspection of industrial conveyors is to be not only an inspection to
determine the condition of the equipment, but also to identify areas that need improvement.
Proper maintenance is needed to keep the conveyor operating. When preventive maintenance is
lacking, shutdowns will occur. In this chapter we will identify specific published safety
standards that relate directly to the inspection procedure being followed in this text. It is
intended that each noted standard should be reviewed as it is identified. Safety, as well as
performance considerations of the inspection, will be addressed in the following text.
15.1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this inspection is to review the entire conveyor installation to ascertain that the
equipment is being properly maintained and is in a safe operating status. Because the operation
and use of conveyors are by nature very dangerous, the inspection should be directed toward
those areas such as safety devices, limit and tension switches, belt integrity and guards, loading,
transfer, discharge points and surfaces and other component parts and safety guards that directly
relate to the safe operation by the user personnel.
15.1.3 Use
Industrial conveyors are generally used to transport materials from one point to another either
horizontally, on an incline and/or vertically. The conveyors covered in this manual consist of the
bulk material, package or unit type.


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