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Figure 1-2. Bow/Stern Mooring
Spread Mooring. This mooring is designed for use by a single vessel or a
cluster of ships. Except for single vessel use, ships are held together by
interconnecting lines and separated by camels or fenders. Chain legs
attached to the sides of the ship(s) maintain the vessel(s) in proper
position. Figure I-3 provides a schematic drawing of this mooring, which
is primarily used by the Navy to moor Medium Auxiliary Repair Drydock
(ARDM) and Large Auxiliary Floating Drydock (AFDB) classes of vessels.
Mediterranean Mooring. This mooring is used primarily by Fleet Tenders.
In this mooring configuration, the ship is moored perpendicularly to a
wharf or pier with stern lines to ashore bollards. The bow is secured by
two or more bow lines that may be attached to riser buoy systems (see
Paragraph Each bow line or riser subassembly may in turn be
connected to two anchor chain subassemblies leading to anchors or stake


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