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on the deck of the barge without disturbing the anchors. In this situation the
mooring will have to be recovered in order to replace the riser, and then reinstalled
(refer to Section 2.0).
4.2.3 BUOY REPLACEMENT (NON-RISER-TYPE). A non-riser-type buoy will be more
difficult to retrieve than a riser-type. If the mooring has been properly installed,
there will be a catenary section of chain suspended in the water between the buoy
and the anchor. If the catenary angle is large (as in a taut, properly installed
m o o r i n g ) , then it may not be possible to stopper off all four anchor chain
subassemblies on the barge deck simultaneously. It should also be noted that, in
this type of installation, the buoy is kept in place by balanced opposing forces
created by the catenaries of the anchor chain subassemblies. When one of the
subassemblies is cut, the buoy will be pulled in the direction of the opposing" leg.
This pull will result in a potentially dangerous horizontal force on the crane boom,
especially if the buoy is being held aloft when the chain is cut. Connecting the
replacement buoy to the anchor chain subassemblies is also difficult under these
conditions. Therefore, in the case of a taut mooring, it is recommended that the
non-riser buoy system be completely recovered prior to replacing the buoy, and that
the mooring be reinstalled in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section
2.0. In many non-riser installations, significant slack exists in the anchor chain
subassemblies directly below the buoy. In such cases it may be possible to lift the
buoy and simultaneously stopper off the legs on the barge deck. The new buoy can
then be connected to the anchor chains and replaced in the water.
4.2.4 MINOR REPAIRS. In-service minor repairs to a buoy, such as replacing a
an upper hull puncture, patching fiberglass or polyurethane,
fender, repairing
replacing anodes, or spot painting the buoy, can be accomplished without taking
the buoy ashore. Detailed procedures for the refurbishment of buoys, chain, and
chain accessories a r e contained in Chapters 5 and 6. Although emergency


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