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replacement of smaller sizes of mooring chain components can be accomplished
underwater by divers, mooring component replacement, welding, and other minor
repairs should be accomplished aboard a crane barge. If it is necessary to enter a
buoy, this should be done only when the buoy is ashore or aboard a barge where
there is no possibility of the buoy's sinking. Special care must be taken to reseal the
manhole and assure watertight integrity (See Paragraph for leak test
Buoy manhole covers should not be removed while
the buoy is in the water.
During the inspection of a mooring buoy, its associated top and bottom hardware
should be closely inspected to determine whether any components need to be
W h e n reconditioning/replacement is required, the
reconditioned or replaced.
following should be observed:
Welding chain appendages or cutting out retaining
pins or rivets with a torch should never be done because heating will
introduce internal stresses and reduce the strength of heat-treated steel
Shackles/Joining Links. Ensure that shackles, joining links, and other such
fittings with removable parts are treated with an appropriate grease
preservative and refitted.
Care should be taken not to interchange
matched parts of joining links. This can be avoided by tagging each part
of the joining link with a unique identification number or by matching
the stamped numbers on the parts (see Figure 4-l). Locking pins of


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