Quantcast Cathodic Protection for Mooring Chain

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The fittings are of clean, unpainted metal to ensure good electrical continuity
between the zinc anode and the buoy hull. Where recessing of the anode is
necessary, the brackets are located in a conveniently sized sea chest built to house
the anode and its fittings (see Figure 8-2). Alternately, protective cages can be
fabricated so as to have sufficient diameter and length to fit over the anode
installation (See Figure 8-3).
8.3.1 ANODES. Zinc anodes are used for cathodic protection of mooring chain.
There are basically three types of commercially available sacrificial anodes (zinc
composition conforming with MIL-A-18001). These are chain stud anodes, link
anodes, and clump anodes.


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