Quantcast Figure 9-1. Proper Storage of a Peg Top Buoy

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Figure 9-1. Proper Storage of a Peg Top Buoy
growth, and well drained. To prevent its intermixing with older grades of chain, FM
3 chain and accessories should always be stored separately.
Tiered Chain. Store chain in tiers as follows:
Lay chains down stretched out taut and free of turns.
Pile tiers in multiple layers to reduce storage space (see Figure 9-2).
Each tier should contain chain of similar construction, size, and
condition for ease of access and accurate inventory control.
The ends of each length of chain should have an identification tag
attached to it which contains the chain size (in inches), type
(cast/forged/etc.), length (in feet), and manufacturer.
Palletized Chain.
Chain may also be stored and handled on pallets.
Normally, chain is palletized in single shot lengths to reduce handling
weights and to simplify inventory.
Chain pallets normally consist of
wooden or steel pallets onto which the chain is piled.


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