Quantcast Appendix A Operating Responsibilities and Organization Relationships

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1. OPERATING RESPONSIBILITIES. Generally, the Utilities Division of the activity Public
Works Department (PWD) is responsible for operation of electric power distribution systems.
All functions concerning the electric power distribution system that are not specifically assigned
or identifiable as engineering, design, or maintenance functions, are considered the responsibility
of operating personnel. However, because they are closely related and affected by other
functions of the PWD, it is difficult to classify functions as strictly operational and assign
responsibilities accordingly. There must be complete cooperation, coordination, and correlation
between operations and other groups of the PWD. Frequently, this extends to the elements of the
supporting Public Works Center (PWC). Operating personnel are frequently required to render
service and initiate suggestions and recommendations on functional areas of other groups that
ultimately affect operations.
2. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. The following are brief descriptions of functions
and responsibilities of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, its Divisions, Public Works
Centers, and Public Works Departments and its divisions:
a. Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFACENGCOM). NAVFACENGCOM is
responsible for the public works management systems of the Naval shore establishment,
specifically, to assure that PWDs are structured and supported to obtain the most effective and
efficient results.
b. Engineering Field Divisions (EFDs). EFDs support Naval shore establishments in a
specific geographic area. They represent NAVFACENGCOM in the provision of technical
support and system implementation, in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and
repair of public works, public utilities, weight handling, construction, and transportation
c. Public Works Center (PWC). A PWC is under the command of the Commander, Naval
Facilities Engineering Command. The commanding officers of the PWCs command all
functions in the accomplishment of its assigned mission, and provide public works support to
supported activities for maintenance and operation of facilities and collateral equipment,
including utilities plants and systems; maintenance and operation of facilities and collateral
equipment, including utility plants and systems; maintenance and operation of transportation and
weight handling equipment; and facility design, engineering and planning.
d. Public Works Department (PWD). A PWD is an organizational component of a Naval
shore activity. As a department head, under the commanding officer of the activity, the Public


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