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(9) Oil pressure
(10) Oil cooler temperature in and out
(11) Oil level at motor
(12) Oil level at oil reservoir
(13) Drain drip legs
(14) Hours on unit
(15) Bearing temperatures
(16) Compressor speed
(b) Wipe down machine daily with clean, lint-free rag.
6 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE INSPECTION. An inspection and maintenance program
is important to ensure satisfactory performance. One of the most important
aspects of any maintenance program is prudent use of the operational data base
compiled from a daily operating log [paragraph 5(a)]. An operational log
provides an indication of performance, need for revising the maintenance
schedule, and, indirectly, spare parts requirements. Generalized procedures
are presented herein, but frequency of inspections will vary and must reflect
each installation's operating conditions and environment.
6.1 Daily Inspection. Preventive maintenance inspections shall include the
following tasks.
(a) Review the current operating log for significant deviations in the
data such as:
(1) Abnormal pressures or temperatures of lubricating oil
(2) Abnormal appearance or presence of water in lubricating oil
(3) Lubricating oil levels
(4) Abnormal bearing temperatures
(5) Increased inlet filter pressure
(b) Listen for unusual noises.
(c) Listen and feel for unusual vibrations.
(d) Visually inspect the complete compressor plant for leaking fittings
or loose fasteners.
6.2 Semiannual Inspection.  In addition to performing inspections specified
in paragraph 6.1, perform the following tasks.
(a) Check lubricating oil for deterioration and/or presence of water.


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