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(b) Axial Flow Compressors. It is important to implement proper
long-term storage (LTS) procedures according to the specific model of
compressor. In situations where LTS is planned, the manufacturer must be
contacted to provide LTS procedures. In most instances, LTS will include
specific variations of the following:
(1) Partial disassembly
(2) Periodic rotation of main shaft
(3) Use of desiccants
(4) Specialized bearing maintenance according to bearing types
(5) Proper tagging
4.3 Cold Climate Shutdown. If the compressor might be subjected to freezing
temperatures while shut down, perform the following steps as applicable.
(a) Perform steps 4.1(a) through 4.1(f).
(b) Drain water from oil cooler.
(c) Drain all steam lines.
(d) Drain all cooling lines.
(e) Drain water-cooled diaphragms.
(f) Tag equipment controls.
5 OPERATIONAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Operational preventive maintenance
includes the following tasks.
(a) Keep a daily operating log to aid in detecting equipment
malfunctions.  The following list may be helpful in designing a site specific
operations log for collecting and developing a useful data base:
(1) Log-in time
(2) Vibration monitor reading at each compressor stage
(3) Warning lights
(4) Inlet temperature
(5) Inlet filter pressure
(6) Pressure and temperature of each compressor stage
(7) Condition of condensate trap at each compressor stage
(8) Air coolers temperature in and out


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